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This is a community for Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall shipping. This is the place to chat or post links to your AD/MM fan fiction or pictures. This is the place to discuss their canon relationship from both the movie and the books.

pippinshire requested that I, jestana take over the community and I agreed, so, basically, the community is under new management.

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Delubrum Minervae Behind the Spectacles

Wallpaper made by pippinshire from a sketch by amandagrazini

The only rules I have for this community is this:

1) Do not start flame wars. Respectfully discuss and the debate the topics.

2) If you have quizzes or pictures to post use an LJ cut.

3) If you have fanfics please post a link and not the fanfic itself.

4) Spoilers must be placed behind LJ cuts.

5) No advertisements for other communities. Such posts will be deleted.

6) No off topic posts.

7) Enjoy yourself.

This community is maintained and moderated by pippinshire

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